We love it when our customers send us pictures of their projects and let us know how things went so we can post a blog about their project. CJ contacted us back in Jan 2019 to say
“Gudday ShedBlog, I’m building a 5m x 3m shed and have just looked at your windows online which look to be exactly what I need. I was about to order your base standard window 1274×790 in Paperbark colour for delivery to SA for $288. I need to be sure this is a sliding window and when opened up half the window is open. Is that correct ? (an image in paperbark would be great), thanks, CJ.”

We responded with…

“That’s correct, half sliding and half fixed. I don’t have any specific images of a paperbark window I’m afraid despite selling dozens off them; I have not received any pics back from customers, cheers, David M.
Most helpfully, CJ said “Thanks David, I’ll try to get a photo to you once it’s installed, but I may take a couple of months to build it! Cheers.”

We had a bit of back and forth emails and some trim bead extensions were added to the order, the colour change to Basalt and over the year CJ built his shed. In October CJ emailed “Hello again David, Finally I’m about to install the standard window I received from you in February. I will likely order a second window shortly.
For now I’m studying up on how to install my first window into the shed I’m building with Stratco Superdeck cladding. Prior to reading the AMIA brochure that came with the window I was going to rest the window frame on the 45×75 C-section supports behind the cladding, but now I realise the window is inserted from the inside so C-section can’t be in place before installing the window (if cladding is already in place). 

This suggests I need to install the C-sections after the window, or install the cladding last. Is it possible to do either of these? I’m also considering the “internal stiffening system” described in the AMIA brochure , however I could not find this on your website. Can you please provide a link or details for these options: 1) internal stiffening system
2) trim bead fillers.”

Our teams response…
“Hi CJ, You can retrofit the window by sitting it on your wall girt. When you cut the tin carefully cut so it aligns with the top of your wall girt. Then when sliding in from the inside slip the bead down between the tin and the girt and rest the frame on the girt and the window will protrude out the hole. I have added the stiffners as an option or the additional trim beads as yet for the windows as they are technically hard to describe to customers and we like to keep things simple however if you’d like a quote I can arrange one for you? kind regards, David. (we do now have trim beads available to order with your windows)

We arranged the second window and two sets of trimBeads for CJ and then just the other day we recieved some photos. CJ explained that he was just about finished building his new shed that based on what we can see, it looks great, the windows are in and looking good. Here’s the email “Hi David, I’ve just about finished my shed (it’s only taken a year 🙂 and thought I’d share some photos of my Basalt windows mounted in paperbark SuperDeck – see attached.
(If these are useful you’re free to use them as you see fit). BTW I’m very impressed by your window design, quality for the price and the instruction brochure. It all fits together just as described, even for an amateur like me :-),
cheers CJ.”
The pics look great CJ, congratulations! Thanks for the feedback! Need Shed Windows, you can find them here

If you have a good story and some pics of your shed improvements, renovations, extension, repair or rebuild and would like to feature on the shedblog then drop us a line and some pics to admin@shedblog.com.au and we will put them up.