Before submitting a request for quotes from shed suppliers you should consider investing an hour or so and make a few checks to ensure that you are going to be dealing with reputable accredited dealers.

Referral’s from friends and family is a good place to start. Enquire as to how they found dealing with their chosen shed supplier.

Then check to see if that company supplies sheds that have been accredited ShedSafe by the ASI Steel Shed Group’s ShedSafe accreditation program. Go to this website and check the companies that provide Sheds that have had their engineering accredited by an independent 3rd party.

Find out if the local dealer themselves are members of the ASI Steel Shed Group. Membership compliance requires they

  • Supply buildings that comply with the Steel Shed Group Design guide and the Building Code of Australia.
  • Engage a qualified engineer who provides individual certification for your shed.
  • Engage trained staff to supply the correct shed specification for your project.
  • Provides quality documentation with complete information to allow prompt council approval.
  • Engage or refer licensed installers to ensure your construction complies.
  • Accredited dealers observe government requirement for the sale and supply of sheds.

Do you require a kit only or supply and construct?

Check what services the shed kit supplier’s offer. Most online companies supply kit only. Your local shed businesses will offer a full service or have arrangements where they refer competent licensed installers to construct your shed.