The following article is general in nature, we are not engineers. If you shed has survived a cyclone you should always have it checked by a professional engineer.

If your Shed has withstood a cyclone it is likely due to the fact that its openings like roller doors, windows and personal access doors have stood the test. Failure of these areas can often allow the destructive forces to of the Cyclone to then severely damage the rest of the building. Impact of flying debris is often the culprit.

Due to the Low pressure/high pressure/low pressure action applied to structure during a cyclonic event components of your shed can be stressed and weakened yet the building may still be standing for now. The next cyclone could damage it severely if checks are not carried out now. Organise an inspection by an engineer as soon as possible.

stressed apex and column connection components

We highly recommend that you carry out a thorough examination of the following.

All components that connect your building to the footings. Check for evidence of stressed metal, failing hold down bolts and the column bases and column to cleat connections. Check for corrosion areas here that you may not have paid attention to before. Consult a local engineer if you have any doubts.

  • Secure any obvious loose materials that could injure especially in the event of further strong winds.
  • Check your roller doors carefully. Pay particular attention to the tracks and the support brackets. Ensure that door tracks are still well secured to the columns and supporting brackets are structurally sound. Double check wind lock components if you have them. If you have any doubts consult your local Roller Door specialist and replace any weakened components.

Check tracks, support brackets and door mullions are secure

  • Check all columns and rafters for twisting and stressed connections.
  • Check all structural connection components like Knees and apex brackets and purlin girt connections for signs of stress , warping or more obvious damage. Please consult your your buildings local supplier or an engineer.

Red circles indicate some of the important connections to check

  • Ensure Barges, gutters and ridge capping if they are still there are correctly fastened and haven’t become loosely fixed in place. Be careful working at heights and take appropriate safety precautions.
  • Check PA door frames, hinges and latches and the integrity of window frames and any window protection devices you may have against impact from debris and ensure they are sound.
  • Check that your roof and wall cladding remains securely fastened to the roof battens and wall girts.
  • Check for stress on the sheeting around the fasteners and ensure that screws,brackets or cleats connecting roof battens or purlins and wall battens or girts are secure.

We are not Engineers, The information above is general in nature. If in any doubt about your buildings integrity consult a building professional or engineer as soon as possible.