At ShedBlog we recommend and sell the Aussie designed and manufactured Champion Stable Panels. These panels are specifically designed to suit the harsh environments of the Australian equine ecosystem. Fully assembled and delivered to site they can be installed in a matter of hours. You can buy these panels and accessories online and have them delivered to you so you can install them yourself. If you have a larger project or are wanting to have the stables installed by the Champion Stable team then please send us your plans / drawings and we will organise a quote for the job.

Stable Full Swing Door – Front Wall

Manufactured to last, the Champion Stable full swing door front walls are all custom built by highly skilled specialists. They are made and manufactured right here in Australia and are made to last. They are fully hot dipped galvanized. You can choose either a form-ply or hardwood infill paneling depending on your budget requirements.

Each full swing door is pre-hung in a frame on fully adjustable hinges in order to allow easy installation. They can be fastened to any concrete floor using Dynabolts or ground pegs (for a soil floor) as they have footplates welded to the base. Pre-assembled, the partitions are ready for quick installation.

Stable Split Swing Doors – Front Wall

The stable split swing doors fit the same description as with the stable full swing door. The split stable door allows you to open the top door so the horse may stick its head out, or you may enter materials without the need for opening the entire door.

Stable sliding doors are exactly what you need if your stable fit-out is in a breezeway and space is limited. This is a Champion Stables design solution that will make your structure into a high quality, well built Champion Stable System complex. Like the other types of stable doors and front walls offered, the frame is hot dipped galvanised steel RHS and is completely made in Australia. All the other specifications are in line with the other stable door and front wall specifications.

Full Ply or Hardwood Side Walls

You want a stress-free environment for your horses. Whether you’re looking to create a tack room, feed room, wash bay or a stallion box our Stable Safe Policy will give you peace of mind. Champion Stables full-ply/hardwood or Half In-fill/Half bar side walls are 100 percent Australian made and manufactured using fully hot dipped structural steel tube (RHS) frames.

The frames come with footplates welded to the base for easy installation. Simply use Dynabolts to fasten them to a concrete floor or use ground pegs for earthen floors. They are all pre-assembled so that your operation suffers as little disruption as possible.

Open Hatch for Sliding Stable Doors

Much like the other sliding stable door model, this style is made and manufactured in Australia. It is constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel and has footplate welded to its base in order for it to be fastened to a concrete floor using Dynabolts or use ground pegs for an earthen floor.

This Champion Stable Sliding Door style has wall mounted door guides instead of the traditional floor mounted ones. This keeps the guides from becoming obstructed by debris and dirt. This product meets our Stable Safe Policy.

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