Designing a Double Garage, also known as a 2 bay shed,  a 6m x 6m Garage, a 6 x 6 shed, a 6m x 6m shed or simply 6×6.

A brief “guide” or “how to” about double garages and sheds. When it’s time for a quote click one of the buttons below.

Category : This size shed fits within Domestic Sheds, Garages and workshops, Small Farm Sheds.

Materials : Colorbond, Zincalume or combination. galvanised steel, Hi-tensile steel,

Estimated cost : Quality Steel Kits from around $5,000 upwards depending on site windspeeds and accessories. Concrete slab EST $2700-$3600 Erecting EST $1,200-$1,800 – On simple sites a total job can often be less than $10,000Usual features : A Double garage or a 6 by 6 usually has 2 x roller doors in the front or side wall depending on the orientation of your shed. PA or personal access door or two in any shed, even smaller sheds like a 6×6 are a good idea. Windows in sheds are a personal choice and are an optional extra. Some people leave them out for security reasons. A common addition to these sheds ia an awning for additional shelter or outdoor entertaining.

Special considerations : in suburban council areas the wall heights and set back from boundaries are especially important items to consider when planning a shed.

Sizes : why is my 6 x 6 double garage 5.88m x 5.88m or 6.08m x 6.08m? This is due to sheeting sizes and coverage. Ask your dealer if you get offered an odd size and they’ll let you know what is dictating the size in their shed. Make sure you get you slab size correct.

Accessories for Double Garages : insulation, skylights, whirly bird ventilators,windows, sliding doors, vermin seal, power, plumbing, shower, toilet, wash basin, bar, security locks, mezzanine floor, Awnings & Annexes.

Things to remember to discuss with your shed supplier when choosing your double garage.

  • Is the manufacturer ShedSafe?
  • Is your dealer ShedSafe accredited?
  • Does this design suit my site windspeed?
  • Does this design meet my use (Importance level)?
  • Are my buildings openings big enough? eg…will the boat or caravan fit?
  • Will my council allow this size shed in the location I want to place it?
  • When do you need to select the sheds final colours?
  • Who is going to do the concreting and how much?
  • Who is going to do the shed erecting and how much?
  • What accessories do you need now and what could I install later?

Glossary : what do all these shed words I hear mean? Click to open the glossary.

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