Quality Taurean Door systems - buy roller doors online at the shedblogDo you need a Roller Door or two, or even ten perhaps? Then you can buy them here on the ShedBlog in our Shed Products Shop.

We now sell Taurean Door Systems which is part of the Fletcher Building Group and distributed around Australia by Stamit Industries. They are often referred to as Stramit doors. They started out in the early 80s as Creeks Metal Industries doors and were acquired by Stramit in 2001. Now they are rebranding as Taurean Door Systems so you can see that its quality all the way.

So if you are

  • Building a new shed
  • Rebuilding an old shed
  • Renovating a garage
  • Replacing an old door
  • Extending a shed or just adding a roller door

and you need a door, then Taurean Door Systems have got you covered. They have Domestic A & AA series doors with Windlocking available. They also have Series B doors Light Industrial doors also available with windlocking. There are motors and remotes to suit all configurations as well from smaller units to drive the domestic doors through to big 415v 3 phase units for the biggest doors and shutters. Taurean Doors also do Roller Shutters. For information on Roller Shutters for BIG jobs, please contact us.

If you are replacing a B&D, Gliderol, Steel-line, Rollmasta, Roll-a-door, ARD, or any other brand of roller door then a Taurean Roller door will serve you fine for years to come. Quality guaranteed with superior performance. With a little thought and planning you can DIY Do it yourself and install or replace a roller door.

Taurean® Door Systems’ reputation is built on quality, reliability and customer service. The performance of Taurean® products is backed by research and development at the company’s R&D facilities, where in-house product testing is carried out on an ongoing basis.

For information and pricing follow the links or contact us 0456 729 904.