engineer builder building homes steel sheds barns garagesIf you intend to build, rebuild, renovate or significantly repair a home, shed or shed home in an area subject to bushfire threat you will need to take new building standards into consideration.

Since the devastating bushfire’s that have occurred over the last few decades building design and restrictions have been increasing steadily. Your building designer, architect or builder can advise you on how best to meet these standards.bushfire embers start fires in gutters

They will consider your design by looking at the appropriate bushfire attack level (BAL) and then apply the construction methods most appropriate to meet your needs.

For example in Victoria, after the recent fires new standards were launched. Bushfire Attack Level 12.5 for example suggests that the home or shed could, in the event of a wildfire, come under Ember Attack.  To assist in meeting that BAL level the Standards say the roof should be

  • Non-combustible covering.
  • Roof/wall junction sealed.
  • Openings fitted with non-combustible ember guards.
  • Roof to be fully sarked.

building design homes shed check standards Key aspects of the new building standard increases the construction requirements on residential buildings so they are better protected against bushfire’s. This ranges from construction measures that provide ember protection at the low BAL levels to direct flame protection at the highest BAL levels. Under the new building standard, new homes at risk of bushfire may be required to have:

  • Roofs, verandas and decking made from non-combustible material.
  • Wall and roof joints sealed against ember attacks.
  • Windows protected by non-combustible shutters or made using 4 to 5 mm toughened glass.
  • Door frames made from fire resistant timber and tightly fitted, with a weather strip at the base.

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