Ranbuild deluxe sheds knee plate buy onlineThis continues on from part 1.

This following example on standing a Portal frame is based on a Ranbuild Deluxe Style Portal frame that has substantial knee and apex plates and has footings that utilise the cast in slab cleat.

Identify your components and assemble the portal frame on the ground.

ranbuild deluxe shed example portal frame buy partsDisclaimer.The following information is general in nature and is only a simple guide. You should either consult your instruction manual, your engineer or the builder you have engaged regarding any works that you plan to commence or complete.

Square up the frame on the ground by checking the corner to corner measurements. Tighten the bolts in the apex and knees. If needed place temporary stiffners/bracing to portal using top hat battens, clamped,  from the column to the rafter.

Carefully position the portal and fit the top bolts through the footing brackets and the column so that you can rotate the portal frame up using the base bolts as a pivot. Once the frame is vertical insert the lower bolts, plumb and tighten, then brace if required.

stand up shed portal frames with cast in footing bracketsYou can buy the components to build Portal Frames on the links below.

Buy Portal Frame Component Kits – Click Here

Buy Knee Plates – Click Here

Buy Apex Plates – Click Here

Buy Base Plates / Footing Brackets – Click Here

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