We have a further update on the record demand for steel, other building supplies and the associated challenges that face the shed, carport and housing industry.

We have just recently received from Lysaght a notice that talks about news from BlueScope concerning demand for steel and the associated supply challenges that have resulted. There are steel price rises scheduled for September 1 and now Feb 1st 2022 as well.

Kindly see the image below for the list of affected products:



What caused this increase?

BlueScope is experiencing unprecedented demand across most sectors. The building markets sector, as an example, is benefiting from record low-interest rates and government stimulus provided to Australians, which is driving the record number of new homes expected to be commenced in 2021. These economic dynamics have meant that demand for BlueScope products is at levels not experienced before. In addition, environmental & weather-related factors in some regions have impacted BlueScope’s ability to transport products around the country.

BlueScope is taking steps to increase steel production and address transport challenges during this period of heightened demand and is committed to supporting Lysaght during this period.

However, these factors are subsequently impacting Lysaght manufacturing operations and their ability to meet demand from our customers.

Lysaght has increased its production & transport capacity where they can in order to provide continued support to their customers during this period.

It’s not only Lysaght that has experienced increased price pressures and cost of doing business. Windows, PA doors, Roller Doors, Insulation, Brackets and Fasteners are all, or have already, risen in price. Freight costs are being impacted as well.

We encourage you to contact ShedBlog Customer Service on 0456 729 904 should you have any urgent questions or email us at admin@shedblog.com.au to enable us to best support your order & product supply requirements.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to your continued support.