brenden edgerton blokes in sheds with the blues mobile

Brenden Edgerton, Blokes in Sheds with the Blues Mobile

Shed Some Light on the Subject

When it comes to blokes and their sheds only Brendan Edgerton can claim he’s been to 30 sheds in 30 days checking out what kinda neat stuff blokes have stowed away in their sheds.  He’s seen a lot of crazy things inside sheds, everything from one hundred and two  Holden, Chrysler and Ford muscle cars faced off in a cramped chook shed in Narangba to in his home town of Brisbane where a bloke has a rustic industrial stationary oil engine from an old shearing shed cooped up in his shed.  It really is amazing what tinkerers, collectors, hobbyists and mechanics can cook up and stow in their sheds; if the house is a man’s castle the shed is his keep or hoard.

Different Strokes for Different Blokes

blokes in sheds mad max leyland p76

Mad Max

Brendan Edgerton is no stranger to strange things in sheds; in fact he has some interesting things within his ten car shed.  There is a rather odd contraption of a car affectionately called “Mad Max” that looks just like it was pulled from the prop lot.  The bloke who gave it to him told him that he really needed it.  Mad Max is a Leyland P76 V8 strapped to a homemade chassis and a VW front end; it also has a crane with a hand powered winch which comes in handy for lifting and moving engines.  Brendan says that “when it was given to him the car had no accelerator, brakes, or gear shifter, and according to him the bloke who gave it to him was actually still using it before giving it up.”  Aside from the post-apocalyptic monstrosity that is Mad Max, there are also other chopped Edgerton engineering prototypes strewn about the yard including the perfect tail-gating and block party vehicle that has a grill and a thumping crowd pleasing stereo system put into one convenient package.

blokes in sheds blues mobile on the road

On the Highway in the Blues Mobile

Right on “Shed-ule”

On February 1sthe set about his Odyssey around Australia touring 30 sheds in thirty days.  From his home in Brisbane Queensland he made his way through Cairns, Mount Isa, Darwin, Broome, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Albury, and Sydney in a 1989 VN Commodore that he bought for $150 to visit the 30 blokes.

At each shed he got the owners to sign the bonnet of his travelling car

blokes in sheds signed bonnet blues mobile

Blokes in sheds Blues Mobile's signed bonnet after 30 sheds in 30 days

he affectionately calls the “Blues Mobile”,  like the real Blues Brothers Elwood and Jake, Brendan was doing this for a charity for children, the Children First Fund, to be specific.  Along the way he brought a camera man to video Brendan talking to the blokes about their sheds.  The DVD and book, 30 Sheds In 30 Days (In a Classic Aussie Car) are going to be sold in a single package for $22 ($25 with postage) starting with his book launching and signing on August 27, 2011.  Some of the footage can be seen on Youtube where you can get a taste of what the blokes have in store for you in their sheds.


Tucker 48 sedan in a Museum in the USA

All Tuckered Out

The Majority of his visits to blokes sheds involve cars because Brendan Edgerton is absolutely ecstatic for cars, the ex Police Pursuit Driver and Rally Champion has a certain love for cars which is why he submitted a video to try and become the next personality for Top Gear Australia.  His interests with automobiles don’t stop with tinkering with behemoth machines borne out of the junkyard; in fact he has a strong liking for Tuckers.  He visited the only Tucker in all of Australia that was recently bought by this bloke from a California auction house, The 1948 Tucker number 45 is a fine tuned aesthetically and aerodynamically advanced car for its time in the post war boasting a speed up to 135 MPH (216KPH) from just 150 horsepower.  His Love for Tuckers was more than a summer romance, travelling half way around the globe to America to see every Tucker he could feast his eyes and camera upon, everything from stage wagon versions, coupes, and ragtops; he saw every Tucker worth seeing.

Bloke to the Future

This won’t be the last of Brendan Edgerton’s adventures; he’s been planning on doing a new project that involves him driving all around the country in his beloved “Blues Mobile” for the Children First Foundation.  Similar in premise to his last project this will be 30 Pubs in 30 days and will be another Odyssey; visiting pubs instead of sheds on this trip around the continent. This time we can expect some additional entertainment in the form of guitar from Brenden and didgeridoo from his offsider. Keep your eyes open Alice Springs as you are on the agenda too. Look him up on Youtube for lots of Blokes in Sheds type adventures.

Would you like a copy of Brendens Book and DVD, great value at $25.00 including postage then  email Brenden at :