kingspan insulation logoWhat is the best Shed Insulation? Is the best shed insulation one that is quick and easy to install? Has advanced thermal performance? Or is it one that you can use in the walls as easily as you can on the roof? If you like the sound of all 3 of the above then you want AIR-CELL insulation by Kingspan.

Kingspan Insulation, has officially become Australia’s No. 1 Trusted Brand in insulation following results published by Infolink, Australia’s leading architecture, building, construction and design directory.

As well as the points above the best shed insulation, AIR-CELL is also

  • CodeMark compliant with the relevant sections of the BCA
  • Is fibre free, non-itchy, non-allergenic
  • Tough and Durable
  • Can also be used in underfloor applications.
  • Has a flammability index less than 5
  • Helps achieve a 5 star house energy rating

For Class 10a buildings (sheds and garages and other out buildings) then you can’t go past Insulshed 50.  Kingspan’s Insulshed 50 insulation is your solution for comfort in your shed.
Achieving indoor temperatures that are noticeably cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Insulshed 50 is manufactured with a patented closed cell foam structure sandwiched by highly reflective foil surface, is a fibre free, non allergenic alternative to conventional bulk insulation. It is easy to install and you can retrofit if needed using tek screws.

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