Well I’m guessing here, but I imagine that American Barns are not named as such because they are big like a giant yank tank.
Also, I don’t imagine it’s because they’re big around the middle.

I believe it’s due to the fact that you could have a loft in the centre and even some of those fancy little swinging barn doors up high above the centre door if you fancy where you could entertain that “romp in the hay loft fantasy”.

Here in Australia we tend to call on the design “American Barn” because

  • We need additional height for a special vehicle like a truck, tractor, caravan or horse float.
  • We need a mezzanine floor for additional storage space or for loft style accomodation in a weekender.
  • We want to modify one to be a shed home (more on this in another article one day).

Rather than raising the entire shed’s height, the raising of the centre section only of the American Barn allows you to accomodate these options. They are especially popular for stables with the horse accomodation down the side annexes
and space in the centre as a breeze way come parking lot for Horse Floats.

The American Barn has more steel columns internally so if your looking for a wide open clear spanning structure then this is not the one for you. These additional columns are often used to frame out for stable systems like Champion Stable Systems. They also lend themselves to the addition of a mezzanine floor.

If you need additional height to accomodate one or two items but the rest of the building can be lower, then the American Barn could be an option for you.