Why should I automate?
Not only does automating your B&D roller door make it easier to use, it adds an extra layer of safety and security: In-built automatic reversing smarts reverses the door if it senses an obstruction is in the way as well as added convenience: Because you no longer need to worry about leaving the car to open or close your garage door late at night or in the middle of a storm.

B&D Australia roll-a-doors offer a number of security features to help protect your home or business. These include:

Strong, durable construction: The doors are made from heavy-gauge steel, making them resistant to forced entry and impact damage.


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Autolock for B&D roller door

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Automatic operation: The doors can be operated automatically with the use of a remote control or a smartphone app, providing convenience and ease of use.

Automatic closing: The doors can be programmed to close automatically after a set amount of time, providing an extra layer of security.

Automatic locking: The doors automatically lock when closed, providing an additional layer of security.

Tamper-resistant bottom bar: A tamper-resistant bottom bar adds an extra layer of security to the door, making it more difficult to pry open.

Optional key lock: An optional key lock can be added to the door for added security.

Optional security grille: An optional security grille can be added to the door for added protection against forced entry.

Security sensor: B&D Australia roll-a-doors can be equipped with a sensor that detects movement and sends an alert to your smartphone.

Weather resistance: B&D Australia roll-a-doors are weather-resistant, which helps to prevent water damage and ensure that the door will continue to function properly in extreme weather conditions.

High wind resistance: B&D Australia roll-a-doors are designed to withstand high winds, making them suitable for use in coastal areas and other windy locations.

Please note that this is a general summary of the security features available, you should contact us via our get a quote form for more specific details on the security features and upgrades that are available for roll-a-doors.

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