mice running around corrugated tinThis is our mid year report from around the Australian countryside on recent mouse plagues, populations and the mice situation currently relating mainly to our East and southern rural agriculture regions. Below are links to articles pertaining to New South Wales, NSW, Victoria, VIC and South Australia, SA.

NSW – Although floods have washed over many parts of New South Wales which would lead some to believe that mouse populations have been kept in check, this would be a false assumption.  Mice are a shrewd bunch and are natural survivors in almost all climes, their ability to ….read the article.

VIC – Residents of Victoria aren’t out of the woods yet, although diminished populations of the voracious vermin are low in numbers over the whole of the state, there are still pockets of sizable mouse populations that continue to keep farmers from resting soundly….read more.

S.A. – Farmers prepared in South Australia for a probable mouse plague that was likely to be as bad as last year’s case as mice populations have reportedly been at the same numbers or more as last summer.  A swell in their population threatens millions of dollars worth of crops and the livelihood of the farmers….read more.

QLD – There are still sizable threats in various regions of vermin like mice and rats. The recent return of rains during 2011 and good crops have produced favorable conditions across rural Queensland.

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