hay shed blown over big bad wolf blows over shedWith recent severe weather events that have been experienced around the country, especially the various cyclones like Larry and Yasi has come the inevitable destruction of sheds made of straw and their counterparts Wood and Steel. This has cost some shed owners dearly. Fortunately there is a solution.

Travel forward in time and today we discover the Big Bad Wolf is all out of “Huff n Puff” after he was found collapsed outside a Durabuilt StormSHED®.

Introducing the StormSHED®

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the three pigs bought a storm shed

Mr P.G Bacon (Centre) & his two cousins

We interviewed the owner of the StormSHED Mr P.G Bacon who said…

“ever since I saw my cousins sheds just up and blow away I knew there must be a better answer to stop this vicious circle of ‘build a nice shed’ only to have the BBW come along and ….well you know….Trash it! That’s when I discovered the Storm Shed in the Durabuilt Garden Shed range…Rated to Region D, Cat 2 cyclonic …I just knew I had to have one”.

Mr big bad wolf resting between blowing down sheds

Mr BB Wolf Salutes StormSheds strenght.

We asked the Big Bad Wolf for a comment but he refused and suggested we contact his agent who released this statement…”Mr BB Wolf would like his fans to know that he was not injured at all in the incident with the StormSHED, just a little puffed out and that he will be back next year, blowing down all garden sheds except for Durabuilt’s StormSHEDS®”

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