aircell air cell insulation glareshield buy whereGlareshield is Air-Cells Thermo reflective bubble wrap type anti glare insulation and is the product that most people are referring to when they say Aircell insulation. Air cell works by reflecting the radiant heat away from the inside of your building with a barrier. The heat is also prevented from entering as Air-cell also has low transfer properties. We are now offering Glareshield online.

buy kingspan air-cell shed insulation We are very happy to be able to supply and deliver Air-Cell products direct to you for your home or shed. In most circumstance it can be delivered to your home or office. For more remote deliveries you may need to collect from the local transport depot.

Air-Cell is truly a quality shed insulation. The Air-Cell products like Insulshed 50, Insulbreak 65 and Glareshield have very good anti tear properties that make installing a beeze.

Don’t forget….If you are contemplating shed insulation…check out our slide  show on  installing Insulshed 50, you can apply the concepts shown to any Air-Cell roof insulation product.