5 days until Christmas 2022

79 days 5 days to go before Christmas! We know that we still have months weeks before the holidays but now is the time for you to purchase steel shed products to be certain that they will be manufactured and delivered before the holidays. For some products its now to late.

David from the Shedblog says “Christmas is approaching and the building industry is experiencing long lead times for the supply of products. Windows are taking 6 weeks to manufacture and that’s for standard versions. Some PA doors are taking 6 weeks. Many suppliers will experience an even greater demand between now and Christmas and manufacturing slots will fill fast. Further to this, the amount of freight shifting around the country means more delays will be experienced closer to Christmas, so get in early if you have a project in mind.”

Lead times are different for each manufacturer, it could take weeks for the delivery of products and we don’t want you to wait that long. If you wish to have the products delivered before Christmas, place your orders now so we can deliver them to you as soon as possible.

Another good reason to get in before Christmas is that there is another price rise looming.

We have just recently received from Lysaght a notice that talks about news from BlueScope concerning demand for steel and the associated supply challenges that have resulted. There are steel price rises scheduled for November 1 and now February 1st 2022 as well.

Kindly see the image below for the list of affected products :


For all shed & LYSAGHT LIVING® orders the price increase will be effective for orders delivered from February 1st, 2022.

Possible projects to consider across the holidays.

1. Insulate the shed –  retrofitting Insulshed 50 to your steel building will not only keep it cooler in summer but also warmer in winter. A  worthy investment.

2. Vermin or ember proof the shed – protect your assets by excluding vermin from the shed. Mice and rats can do great damage to the contents of your shed. By excluding vermin you often achieve the extra benefit of stopping the potential ingress of bushfire embers.

3. Add an extra window or door – This can be a DIY job if you are just a little handy with a few tools. Check out our how to’s and the many others on the internet. Order soon to receive before Christmas.