We’ve started a price guide for sheds!

This guide shows examples of what you might expect to pay for a steel shed related to its size, design and location and in relation to the local windspeeds, region and use.  As a further bonus, if you see a design you like, you can request a personalised quote based on the design and supply of that building to your location and purpose.

We are going to add new shed designs to the price guide regularly to expand your options and help you know what you could get for your money. 

One question we hear often is “Why does my shed cost more than the one shown in the catalogue?” We’ll try to answer that for you now.
1. Delivery – Your location can have an effect. The more remote your site is the greater the potential for higher costs. Some companies offer special from time to time with Free Delivery or discounted freight.
2. Regions – Australia is split up into regions for the purpose of calculation windspeed. The Higher the region is rated for wind the stronger the shed needs to be and so up goes the price. Cyclone regions can expect to pay quite a bit more as they also have to cover the added cost of Windlocked doors. More
3. The Use – and therefore, the Importance Level of the Building. What is the level of impact if the building fails? Stronger sheds cost more! Read more about this here
4. Margins on materials – The dealer/reseller or builder needs to earn a profit on the materials and the degree of margin they put on the materials will affect the end price.
5. Accessories / Extras – The number and quality of finish of your building like the roller doors, windows types of personal access doors, insulation and vermin proofing will affect the price and also your satisfaction levels.

These are the 5 major factors that influence the price of your building when comparing apples with apples.