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Subfloor Ventilation in Corrugated Colorbond Steel Cladding Homes

Introducing a new product “Corro Mount Vents”, a new system for adding some ventilation to your corrugated steel building. Especially handy for sub-floor situations. They are also great for under eave vents as well. Each vent comes with wire mesh … Continue reading

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Heavy Duty Steel Stairs for Factories, Industrial, Commercial, Mining

GAL-STAIR Heavy Stair Kits are a great tough range of staircases, custom designed for your particular situation. Head to the bottom of the page for pricing on Heavy Duty Steel Stair cases. Great for your mezzanine floor. For light duty Steel Stairs go here. … Continue reading

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Setting up Your Office in a Steel Shed

When you think of your typical office, you don’t think of it being set up in a steel shed. However, for those who want to work from home without distractions, backyard shed offices could be an amazing option. Shed offices … Continue reading

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Should You Choose InsulShed 50 Or InsulBreak 65 For Your Steel Shed?

You already have a beautiful steel shed, but at the moment there is something missing. It’s a common problem and everyone wants to know which type of insulation they should choose. InsulShed 50 and InsulBreak 65 are the most popular … Continue reading

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How Does This Steel Garden Shed Reach Speeds Over 140 km/h?

You can build the most elaborate shed in the world, but will it really stand out? Nobody is going to notice it sitting in the back of your garden, but they would if it was to whizz past them on … Continue reading

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7m x 9m x 3m Steel Shed with 1 Roller Door – Price Guide

Main Shed Details #35196 Span:                   7m    Length:                   9m  Height:              3m Roof Cladding & Profile: BLUESCOPE®  STEEL : Corrugated TCT 0.47, CB Walls Cladding & Profile: BLUESCOPE®  STEEL : K-Panel TCT 0.40, CB Side Bays:    3 bays 3m in length       Roof … Continue reading

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12 x 20 x 4.6 Large Steel Shed – Hobby or Commercial Building – Shed Price Guide

Main Shed Details  #36635 Span:  12m  Length:  20m   Height:  4.6m Roof Cladding & Profile: BLUESCOPE®  STEEL : Monoclad TCT 0.47, CB Walls Cladding & Profile: BLUESCOPE®  STEEL : Monoclad TCT 0.47, CB Side Bays:    5 bays 4m in length       Roof … Continue reading

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