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  • Insulation,  Shed Windows, Personal Access doors, Purlins & Battens
  • Vermin proofing, Knee & Apex Plates, Roof & Wall Sheeting.
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  • Stable Panels from Equistall, Garden Sheds,
  • Security locks for Roller Doors & more.

We hope that this FREE! site will arm you with the appropriate knowledge when looking to buy a shed and avoid any traps or pitfalls that can occur when buying a shed, garage or carport and help connect you with suitably accredited Shed Sellers.

Please read through the topics and past posts, use the site map, archive, search function or glossary and you may just find the information that you are looking for and if you can’t find the answer to a question please contact us and we shall answer as soon as possible.
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How many people can you fit on a shed roof before it collapses? 100? 200?

By the looks of it you can fit several hundred!

shed roof collapse

At least 17 people were injured when a tin shed collapsed after spectators at a tractor pull competition climbed on it in Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar district, 29th July 2018.  The number of injured could be higher, local reports said.

Crazy stuff? Have you ever seen a large number of people on a shed roof. Sheds are generally not designed to take loads on their roof. if you are in a snow zone you should have your shed up rated for snow load or it could be damaged or collapse. Planning on loading it up with solar panels? Get it up graded or check with engineers on its load ability. Remember that the problems could start not when the initial load is there but when you add a person or two doing maintenance or a real heavy hail storm, or snow on the panels plus a person going up to clear it?

Have a great day! Take care out there.

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Subfloor Ventilation in Corrugated Colorbond Steel Cladding Homes

Introducing a new product “Corro Mount Vents”, a new system for adding some ventilation to your corrugated steel building. Especially handy for sub-floor situations. They are also great for under eave vents as well. Each vent comes with wire mesh to help you meet BAL levels if required. We make them for horizontal or vertical clad walls, just nominate when purchasing.



Poor ventilation increases the chance of termite attack, since subterranean termites prefer moist conditions to build their tunnels.  Continue reading

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Breaking News: Wide Span Sheds Now Available on ShedBlog

Wide Span Sheds skillion garaport

We would like to announce we’ve partnered up with Wide Span Sheds, which means you’ll be able to purchase any of their fantastic sheds through our website. Please fill out the form straight away if you’d like to receive a quote and we’ll help you out.

A lot of people will be wondering what kind of steel sheds are available, plus the benefits each one provides. It’s why we’re going to take a look at every Wide Span Sheds product page you’ll find on the site. We’ll throw in some little details you’ll need to know about.
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Unlock Your Shed’s Potential With LED Lights for Every Occasion

shed lighting solutions

Steel sheds have a variety of useful purposes and applications for homeowners. They’re an excellent way to create flexible spaces that suit specific functional needs. From extra storage to workshops, there’s practically no limit to their utility. There’s one thing that they can’t do without though, and that is appropriate lighting.

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The 5 Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Workshop Shed

LED lighting for workshop sheds

Over the past years, a noticeable shift began to occur from traditional lighting to LED lighting, thanks to its numerous benefits. This type of lighting has already gained considerable ground in Australia and is now more and more prevalent in workshops and backyard sheds. You’ve probably aware of the hype around LED lighting but are not sure what the reasons are to back this up. This is why we are going to elaborate on these benefits and how LED lighting is an ideal option for your shed, as well as suggest you some of the best solutions on the market:

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Decorative Shape Barn Windows for Shed and Barns – Dimensions

These decorative barn windows for the apex areas of sheds are a great feature. They look specially good in the tops of American Barns offered by most of the Best major Shed companies in Australia like Ranbuild Sheds, Widespan Sheds, Fair Dinkum Sheds, Sheds & Homes, Shedboss, Totalspan, and more. They are best installed during the erecting of your shed but if you need the holes created in advance whilst you erectors are on site then here are the critical dimensions.

Bottom cut 845mm
Side cut 303mm
Centre Line height 475mm (say 480mm)
Draw line between centre top and side tops to create cutting line.
See image below for an example

Barn Window - Measurements


You can shop online through our E-store to buy top quality  Barn Windows Here that are Australian made and designed for use in steel buildings. Advance Metal Industries Australia manufactures our windows. It is a family operated business presently run by two brothers which began in 1984. The company has been developed with the aim of providing products of superior design and quality. First class workmanship is not only the pride of our trades’ people, it is a management policy. Buy the Best Shed Windows around.

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New Mount Plate for High Profile Cladding Available Now

An addition to the range of shed products available now is the Colorbond mount plate for high profile cladding. This comes of the back of the Corro mount plate for corrugated and custom orb profiles that has proved popular with electricians and owner builders.

The High Profile mount plate sits between 2 ribs of high profile cladding like Trimdek, Trimwall, Monoclad or Trimclad. These compliment our Corro Mount Plate range for when you shed has high profile cladding. Available in all Colorbond colours.

Available in a range of colorbond colours

Available in a range of colorbond colours

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