REFERENCE # : 2108045


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REFERENCE # : 2108045

Details of this Shed 

Weight  – Approximately: 4,500 kg
Span – 7.5 metres
Length – 15 metres (4 Bays of 3.75 metres each)
Height – 4 metres
Roof Type – Gable, 10 degree pitch
Roof – COLORBOND® steel TRIMCLAD® 0.42 BMT (0.47TCT) sheeting, BlueScope
Walls & Trims – COLORBOND® steel TRIMCLAD® 0.42 BMT (0.47TCT) sheeting, BlueScope
Roller Doors – One (1) COLORBOND® steel 3.6m high x 5m wide roller door (with 1 motorised unit operated by a remote handpiece, roller door is not required to be wind rated). One (1) COLORBOND® steel 3m high x 3m wide roller door (with 1 motorised unit operated by a remote handpiece, roller door is not required to be wind rated). Refer to the General Specification (# Access Doors) in relation to opening sizes. The Roller Doors are boxed or steel wrapped for protection during transport. Refer to the Building information for details on Industrial Door Handing.
PA Doors – One (1) 2040h x820w COLORBOND® steel door. Single skin metal clad door with
COLORBOND® steel facings and fold-down vertical sides for strength and appearance. On a welded RHS frame, the door is pre-hung into a powdercoated frame. Supplied with a Knob/Knob entrance set;
Skylights – Four (4) sheets of 2400gsm Industrial Grade Translucent (Opal) Fibreglass. Four (4) on left side of steel building roof.
Insulation – Lightweight 60mm Anticon Roofing Blanket. Anticon is a glass wool blanket with a reinforced laminated thermofoil face to one side. Insulation to the roof, left side, right side, left end, right end of the main building. Safety wire is provided to the roof area only.
Bracing – The building will have Knee braces. Minimum internal knee clearances are: Main Building 3.314m.
Right Lean-to
Span – 3.6m
Drop – No drop
Pitch – 06 degrees
Length – Starting bay 1 for 4 bays
Height of External – Lean-to wall 3.62m
Four (4) 3.75m open bays – along the sides of the leanto. Two (2) 3.6m open bays
on the ends of the leanto. Refer to Layout (attached) for location & height
Roof Purlins & Wall Girts – Z sections bolted to rafters & columns with a minimum overlap of 10% of the bay
Fixing to Concrete – Screw-Bolts fitted after concrete is cured.

Site Design Specifications 

Site –  South East QLD 4125 Australia
Building Class – 10
Importance Level – 2 with a Vr of 57 m/s
Design Wind Criteria – Region B; TC = 2.5; Mt = 1; Ms = 1; giving a Vdes of 47.2 m/s.
Other Design Factors – No Snow Loading allowed. No Earthquake Loading allowed.


Kit Price – $32,127.27
GST – $3,212.73
Delivery – FREE*
Promotional Discount – ($2,660.00)
TOTAL (inc GST) – $32,680.00
* subject to standard delivery area

REFERENCE # : 2108045

Specific Inclusions

  • Determination of the design criteria by the engineer. This includes assessment in 8 cardinal directions to determine the site design wind speed based on the building orientation.
  • A comprehensive step by step Construction Kit. This kit is specific to your building and gives step by step, simple to follow instructions on how to build your building.
  • Engineering certification of the steel building to the appropriate Australian Standards.
  • Slab or Pier designs for soil classes A, S, M, H1 and H2.
  • Materials, as nominated above, supplied as per the attached General Specification”.
  • BlueScope – product warranties of up to 15 years apply.

Specific Exclusions

  • Drawings, other than detailed above.
  • Consent authority including any building, development or construction certificate application(s).
  • Construction of the steel building and any foundations (the building is supplied as a kit).
  • Insurance of the steel building once delivered to site or collected from the depot.