REFERENCE # : 1928

NOTE: Each design in the Carport Guide has a reference number. When requesting a quote for your specific circumstances it is handy to provide this on the quote request form. Pricing is date specific, may include seasonal specials, and may differ subject to site specifications, terrain, cyclone regions etc. Prices here are provided as a guide only. We recommend you request a quote for your specific requirements if they differ from Region A – Terrain category 3.

REFERENCE # : 1928

Details of this Carport

Dimensions – 6000 x 9000 x 3836
Posts – 100×100 SHS Grade C450L0
Rafters & Purlins – G450 Purlins
Footings – Cast in concrete
Cladding – TrimDek 0.42 BMT
Roof Colour – Surfmist
Fascia – Shale Grey
Barge – Gutter – Downpipe – Windspray
Mass – 887.3 kg

Quality Recognise Suppliers
Purlins & Battens
 = Lysaght Bluescope
Steel Brackets and Posts
 = Stoddart
 = CDA Eastland

This is a freestanding roof only structure. It is assumed that cars, goods or materials stored under the roof block less than 75 percentage of the cross section exposed to the wind.

Site Design Specifications 

Site – Region A, TC3 with Shielding
Building Class – 10a
Terrain with numerous closely spaced obstructions from 3 to 5 meters high. A building that is protected from wind by another existing building in the immediate area.
Vdesign = 45.0 x 1 x 1.0 x 1 x 0.83 = 37.35 m/s
Site Description: A typical suburban or well developed industrial area. A building is in the middle & surrounded by similar high buildings.
Foundations have been designed assuming an allowable bearing capacity of 100 kPa, undrained cohesion Cu = 50 kPa. Concrete Strength = 25 MPa.


Delivery* if kit option taken
Bill of Materials
Working Drawings
Connection Plans for building
Engineering Certificate

*Delivery subject to site access and location in an serviced area.

Price Total $5126.55


Purchase Engineering Drawings and Bill of Materials = $626.35
Balance required to manufacture and deliver the materials = $4500.20


Where you are and where you locate your building impacts its engineering and design. If you like our buildings but are not located in Region A – Terrain Category 3 then request a site specific quote / design.

REFERENCE # : 1928


  • A comprehensive Construction Kit. This kit is specific to your building and gives you simple to follow connection drawings.
  • Engineering certification of the steel building to the appropriate Australian Standards.
  • BlueScope – product warranties of up to 15 years apply.


  • Drawings, other than detailed.
  • Consent authority including any building, development or construction certificate application(s).
  • Construction of the steel building and any foundations (the building is supplied as a kit).
  • Insurance of the steel building once delivered to site or collected from the depot.