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REFERENCE # : 2201147-2

Details of this Shed 

Weight – Approximately: 2,100 kg
Span – 6 metres
Length – 9 metres (3 Bays of 3 metres each)
Height – 2.7 metres
Roof Type – Gable, 22.5 degree pitch
Roof – COLORBOND® steel TRIMCLAD® 0.42 BMT (0.47TCT) sheeting, BlueScope
Eaves – 0.6 metres (Soffits by others)
Walls & Trims – COLORBOND® steel TRIMCLAD® 0.42 BMT (0.47TCT) sheeting, BlueScope
Sliding Doors – One (1) of 2.392m high by 3m wide door is supplied in kit form, cut to size for easy assembly. Refer to Access Doors in the General Specifications.
Window Openings – Materials to frame up for window opening(s) including a header flashing to suit One (1) 2100h x1800w glass sliding door and Two (2) 900h x1200w windows (the
supply of windows is NOT included).
Insulation – Lightweight 60mm Anticon Roofing Blanket. Anticon is a glass wool blanket with a reinforced laminated thermofoil face to one side. Insulation to the roof of the main
building. Safety wire is provided to the roof area only.
Roof Ventilators – 1 x 300mm Ventilator(s) (same colour as roof).
Bracing – The building will have Apex braces. Minimum internal apex clearance is: 3.336m.
Roof Purlins & Wall Girts – Tophat sections with a minimum overlap of 10% of the bay width.
Fixing to Concrete – Screw-Bolts fitted after concrete is cured.

Site Design Specifications 

Site – Southwest WA 6061 Australia
Building Class – 10
Importance Level – 2 with a Vr of 45 m/s
Design Wind Criteria – Region A1; TC = 2.5; Mt = 1; Ms = 1; giving a Vdes of 39.2 m/s.
Other Design Factors – No Snow Loading allowed. No Earthquake Loading allowed.


Kit Price – $15,854.55
GST – $1,585.45
Delivery – FREE*
Promotional Discount – ($1,750.00)
TOTAL (inc GST) – $15,690.00
* subject to standard delivery area

REFERENCE # : 2201147-2

Specific Inclusions

  • Determination of the design criteria by the engineer. This includes assessment in 8 cardinal directions to determine the site design wind speed based on the building orientation.
  • A comprehensive step by step Construction Kit. This kit is specific to your building and gives step by step, simple to follow instructions on how to build your building.
  • Engineering certification of the steel building to the appropriate Australian Standards.
  • Slab or Pier designs for soil classes A, S, M, H1 and H2.
  • Materials, as nominated above, supplied as per the attached General Specification”.
  • BlueScope – product warranties of up to 15 years apply.

Specific Exclusions

  • Drawings, other than detailed above.
  • Consent authority including any building, development or construction certificate application(s).
  • Construction of the steel building and any foundations (the building is supplied as a kit).
  • Insurance of the steel building once delivered to site or collected from the depot.