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Every motor enthusiast wants to protect their car at all costs, so it’s obvious you’ll want to keep your vehicle indoors for maximum protection. Unfortunately, if you keep your vehicle inside a shed it’s still possible for the elements and vermin to squeeze in between the gap in your concrete slabs and corrugated profile. The only way to completely lock it up is by fitting Retroseal Domestic to your shed, and we’re going to look at a few of the things you won’t have to worry about any longer once everything is set up. 

Vermin Chewing on Your Cables

Sometimes you don’t know if there is a problem until something goes wrong. One example is rodents making their way into your engine compartment and chewing on your cables. Unless they bite through them completely, it’s possible you won’t know about it until you’re driving along the road at high speed. If you can keep them out they’ll have no way of putting your life in danger. Get yourself and your car vermin proofing.

Ripping Apart the Interior of Your Car

Rodents aren’t happy with breaking into your shed so they can escape from the cold weather. They’ll need to find nesting materials to keep themselves as warm as possible. The last thing you need is to open your car only to find they’ve ripped up the interior to achieve their goal. They might even decide to call your car their home, but if they can’t get inside in the first place you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

Finding Lots of Droppings Everywhere You Look

I’m sure you’ll lie underneath your car when you’re working on it, so imagine how horrible you will feel if you end up lying in droppings. Rodents could even leave them inside your car and they might remain hidden for a long time. The only reason you’ll know they are there is because of the horrid smell. Vermin will need to relieve themselves somewhere, so make sure it’s outside in your garden.

Freezing Cold Weather Does Terrible Things

retroseal domestic for shed renovation

When you have Retroseal Domestic fitted it will keep the icy cold air out of your shed, which means it will be more comfortable working on your vehicle. The cold weather can also do terrible things to your car. Your battery isn’t going to last long if the weather is too cold. If it’s bad enough your fluids will thicken up, spark plugs aren’t as reliable, and the pressure of your tires will drop. Keeping as much cold air as possible outside really helps.

Wind Driven Rain

There is going to be a lot of water lying around your shed, and when you look at that you’ll never be able to imagine it damaging your car. Wait until the wind is blowing extremely fast in the wrong direction.

Heavy rain can splash up inside your shed from outside via the corrugated profiles, Retroseal Domestic can prevent that from occurring so you don’t have water pooling inside your shed during bad storms.

It’s Worth it if You Value Your Vehicle

car vermin proofing

If you’d like to see how good it looks once the Retroseal Domestic has been fitted, here is a great example you can check out. This guy won’t have to worry about any of the problems we’ve touched on today, and neither will you once your shed has been sealed up. If you value your vehicle and workshop it’s well worth it. You’ll actually save lots of money in the long term.

If your shed is Trimdek or Monoclad type profile then Superseal is a great option.