We’ve been going for over 4 years now and love sharing our experience and the awesome shed products that we discover around the place to help you repair, rebuild, improve, renovate or extend your shed. These following articles are three popular blog posts on the ShedBlog. If you enjoy them please help us get them out by sharing on your social media.

Can you Live in a Shed?
This article discusses some of the issues that can arise out of wanting to live in a shed.

steel shed portal frames


Insulating Your Shed – Retrofitting Shed Insulation
This post talks about the hows and why to fit insulation to your shed. It shows a few plans on installing after the shed has been built and supplies some links to where you can buy some shed insulation to fit to your steel building.

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Building Steel Shed Portal Frames
This shed blog post deals with what is a portal frame, what are the names of the sections and where you can buy the parts needed to fabricate your own postal frame.
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