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All the best information you need about buying and building a Steel Shed in one spot. is a website designed to help people make informed  decisions when looking for a Shed, Garage or Carport to buy and it’s also for when you’re planning to improve, renovate, upgrade or extend your shed. 

  • What you should know about buying a shed.
  • What you should ask before buying a shed.
  • What to watch out for and what do those shed words mean?
  • Finance options for your new shed.

Head to our Shed Products Shop (see the menu – top left of the page) where you can buy all sorts of extras for your steel building including…

  • Insulation,  Shed Windows, Personal Access doors, Purlins & Battens
  • Vermin proofing, Knee & Apex Plates, Roof & Wall Sheeting.
  • Ridgeseal, Retroseal, Eaveseal, Rat proofing,
  • Stable Panels from Equistall, Garden Sheds,
  • Security locks for Roller Doors & more.

We hope that this FREE! site will arm you with the appropriate knowledge when looking to buy a shed and avoid any traps or pitfalls that can occur when buying a shed, garage or carport and help connect you with suitably accredited Shed Sellers.

Please read through the topics and past posts, use the site map, archive, search function or glossary and you may just find the information that you are looking for and if you can’t find the answer to a question please contact us and we shall answer as soon as possible.
If you already have a shed or a friend has then don’t forget to enter our “Shed of the Month” competition.

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Gal-Stair Heavy Steel Staircase Kits for the Shed Industry

There’s no doubt that the Gal-Stair Heavy Steel Staircase is one of the best heavy-duty steel staircase solutions in the market today. In addition to this, these durable, solidly-constructed steel staircases come with a variety of accessories and options to make your user experience even better and easier. This includes:

1. Non-Slip Safety Nosing Strips
As you may already know, non-slip safety strips are a standard requirement for all types of staircases be they for use either in commercial or domestic settings. And this is in accordance with the Building Code of Australia. In this light, the non-slip nosing strips have been made to suit all possible applications be it wet or oily working conditions. The strips are FRP based (that means that they won’t corrode or rust) and are also UV resistant in addition to being sufficiently abrasive and extremely strong.

gal stair steel staircase kit

2. Gal-Safety Balustrade
As a safety complement to all Shed Stairs, a unique balustrade system is added to each unit. For those who may not be familiar with this structure, the Shed Stair Australia Balustrade System is a durable, strong and maintenance-free solution that fully complies with all the exacting standards of the current BCA (Building Code of Australia). Just a quick note: the vertical uprights, for instance, shouldn’t be more than 125mm apart. This system can also be used in balustrading for footpaths, ramps, mezzanines and also walkways.

As far as construction is concerned, these balustrade systems are made of galvanised steel (that does not corrode or rust) and feature welded panels for further mechanical soundness. What’s more, they can bolt and fasten onto any Gal-Stair Shed staircase without needing any further modification.

gal-stair staircase

3. Safety Rails
Alternative to balustrades, a safety rail is a kit that is often added to a staircase system to complement the safety factor of its mezzanine floor. The safety rail system fully complies with the Australian Safety and Building Standards 1657. The safety rail system can be used as railing for walkways, foot paths, ramps and mezzanine.

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Shed Project: Man Cave Retreat in Wonga Park

A sense of primal territorial pride led to this Victorian farmer engaging THE Shed Company in Kilmore into the design and construction of his man cave come storage shed.

rural man cave retreat

Full-service project

On his semi-rural hobby farm in Wonga Park, Victoria, this man-sized project took a team effort with those involved working tirelessly from dawn to dusk. THE Shed Company in Kilmore managed and collaborated with the client throughout the entire design-build process to create the perfect escape. Kilmore took the lead with coordinating earthworks, concreting, steel components and gaining council approvals by the Manningham City Council.

Custom designed man-cave

This man cave is a magnificent barn-style structure standing at 15 metres (total span including awnings) x 24 metres (length) x 6 metres (height). The symmetrical awnings are 4.5 metres (width) x 3.4 metres (height).

Capturing the essence of the stunning landscape of Wonga Park, THE Shed Company in Kilmore recommended to the client colours from the contemporary COLORBOND® steel palette. The client went with the complementary mix of IRONSTONE® and SURFMIST® to clad the structure.

Further enhancing the man-cave is a 6 metre wide x 4 metre balcony for relaxing and reading the newspaper in the sun. Large tinted glass panels were chosen creating a barricade around the top level of the verandah. The structure was separated into two floors, adding a mezzanine floor supported by BlueScope Steel columns. A beautiful timber staircase was also added for ease of access between the bathroom and kitchen to the downstairs gym and bar.

With the region known for its harsh summers with scorching sun and blazing fires, the team insulated the roof with Polyair Performa 7. The tower rook was insulated with a 75mm insulation blanket and foil, which is ideal for use under commercial and residential metal roofs. This high grade performance insulation will keep the structure acclimatised throughout the year, whilst providing energy efficiencies.

Man-cave plus storage

With Wonga Park being so close to the iconic Yarra River, this man cave come storage shed would not be complete without a home for his boat. High on the brief was plenty of storage space which was certainly delivered in the end result, with 3 lockable roller doors to house his treasured assets. The end result was a stunning shed the client is extremely pleased with.

Source: The SHED Company

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Timber Stair Kits for your Building Renovation Home, House, Shed or Commercial

One of our customers recently sent us some feedback on the stairs we supplied them.

“Thanks, arrived on Friday (stair kit). Already unpacked and  half together, it’s great! Highly recommend you and your product. Michele Webb,  O’Connell Hotel.”

Thanks Michele, we appreciate the feedback. We’ve included a example of the drawing Michele would have received in making her decision to shop with us below. Continue reading

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Handyseal for Corro and Custom Orb profiles



Handyseal is a cool new product ideal for poultry sheds and hen houses to keep out those pesky vermin snakes, rats and mice. Continue reading

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50% of Aussies may not mind Living in a Shed Home


In a recently published study, 1 out of 2 Aussies wouldn’t mind living in a shed home and is an option many are considering as landmark study reveals 46% of Australian respondents would consider living in a shed home. The data comes from a recent Google survey commissioned by a leading Australian steel building supplier, Sheds n Homes. The results were collected from over 2,000 Australian respondents. The question asked was Continue reading

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Our Shed Windows – Rob from Adelaide’s Builder says They are the Best

Robs two new windows installed in his shed.

Robs two new windows installed in his shed.

It’s always nice to get feedback from customers and post some pictures of their completed projects. We were most pleased to get this email from a customer just the other day.
It said… Continue reading

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All You Need to Know About a Dressage Arena


It is important to use a company with a lot of experience in equestrian builds rather than just a “shed company” when you decide to build your dream indoor dressage arena.

Dressage arenas are not sheds by a long stretch of the imagination and have very specific requirements to successfully accommodate the varied needs of equestrians.

Before you start the build you need to make a number of decisions but the first is your size requirement. Your dressage arena layout is determined by available space, budget and planning conditions. The industry standard indoor dressage arena size of Continue reading

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